Free wall mural for children's groups

I was commissioned by the San Vicente Hospital Neurological Children's Ward in Madrid to create a mural that is designed to be uplifting, stimulating and create a link to the outside world. 

The hospital have now made the rights to these images free for use as large-scale murals that benefit groups of children. The murals utilise a pastel colour palette and rounded shapes to gently enhance the day to day lives of children.

There are three large-scale murals available in set sizes that range from 5 to 25 metres. However, I am also able to offer simple modifications in sizing free of charge. 

Printing and installation 

Printing and installation would beed to be arranged locally by the recipient organisation and a reputable printers should be able to do this for around £500 depending on your requirements. Do get in touch if you need any advice on how to best approach printers in your local area. 

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Want to know more? Got a question? Or want the printable files - get in touch and I'd be happy to help. Alternatively, if you want something that is unique and made bespoke for your organisation - request a free phone consultation online. 

Sparkle Garden 
These is split into three sections and is 2.4m in height and 26.6m in width. 

These are floating elements that can be applied to walls or windows to complement the mural. 

Over The Sea 

A single mural that is 5.5m (h) by 6.5m (w) in size. 


A single mural that is 8m (h) by 10m (w)


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